Today’s National French Fry Day (who decides on these things?) so Brogan and Joe discussed two main topics…first, what type of fry is your favorite?

  • standard (think McDonald’s)
  • shoestring
  • waffle
  • crinkle cut
  • chip style (UK)
  • curly
  • steak or wedge
  • tater tots (is a tater tot a French fry?)
  • sweet potato

Then, what is your #1 fry topping/dipping sauce?

  • ketchup (or catsup)
  • mayo
  • ranch
  • salt/vinegar
  • BBQ sauce
  • hot sauce/siracha
  • milk shake/Frosty
  • “special sauce” (for burgers)
  • cheese sauce
  • sour cream and chives
  • white frosting (sweet potato)
  • cinnamon sugar (sweet potato)

Congratulations to Jennifer from Mount Vernon winning two tickets to see Oliver on Friday, guessing Charles Dickens birthday, 1812!

Today’s Who Am I…

  • I was born July 13, 1940 in Yorkshire, England
  • I left school to study theatre when I was 15
  • I joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1966 and remained with them until 1982
  • I made my television debut in 1967 but became a household name 20 years later, when I agreed to play Captain Jean Luc Picard
  • My film credits include Excalibur, the original Dune, X-Men, Star Trek Generations and a voice actor in The Prince of Egypt
  • I was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2010 for services to drama
  • I recently returned to the role of Picard for a new series on Paramount Plus

Congratulations to Monica calling in and guessing today’s Who Am I, Patrick Stewart!

Thanks for listening!

-Joe and Brogan