It’s new this year to the 167th Ohio State Fair! A waffle bomb is a chocolate-covered jumbo strawberry deep fried in waffle batter. Just one of the many new treats…or $30 meals…take your pick. Some of my other discoveries:

  • the Alfredo-stuffed turkey leg from Hickory Tree BBQ, right beside the Main Street Stage
  • Cajun waffle dogs – andouille sausages, dipped in waffle batter, deep-fried
  • cold edible cookie dough
  • cornbread funnel cake
  • waffle pickle dogs – pickle spears on a stick, wrapped in black forest ham, dipped in Belgian Waffle batter, deep-fried
  • Nutter Butter stuffed funnel
Who Am I?
–         I was born August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California
–         I attended the school UP NORTH (Michigan)
–         I was a 6th round NFL Draft Pick in 2000
–         Since then, I’ve won a record seven Super Bowls with two teams
–         My wife is from Brazil
–         I retired, then unretired this spring

I am Tom Brady – congratulations to Kristi from Mount Vernon, who wins the $5 gift card to Round Hill Dairy Ice Cream

Hiawatha Water Park and Pool winners of family-four packs today were Rachael and Sabrina! Way to go!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe