Today I shared Monday Motivation from James Banks reminding us that there are times when we need to slow down, pause, and pray. Read this devotional from Our Daily Bread by clicking here.


Two big recalls were announced in the last 24 hours. One on Capri Sun, one on Home Run Inn frozen pizza. Click the brand names for links to news stories about the information.

Name the mot annoying thing other drivers do on the road:

1- Not use turn signals (28 votes)
2- Cut you off (26)
3- Drive too fast (13)
4- Drive too slow (12)
5- Tailgate (7)
6- Use their phone (4)
7- Loud music (3)

Congratulations to Kim from Apple Valley, who guessed those top two answers and wins the $5 gift card to Round Hill Dairy Ice Cream.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe