Today’s Monday Motivation comes from Arthur Jackson, called ‘A House Undivided.,’ based on Matthew 12. Read it by clicking here.

Joe shared ‘Give While You Live’ by John Blase, based in John 9. Read it by clicking this link.

Name something you haven’t done since high school gym class:
1- Run a mile (25)
2- Dodgeball (23)
3- Push-ups (21)
4- Sit-ups and crunches (9)
5- Lift weights (8)
6- Swim laps (5)
7- Change in a locker room (3)
8- Tennis (2)
9- Exercise (2)

Congratulations to Mary from Mount Vernon who guessed correctly and wins the $5 gift card to Round Hill Dairy Ice Cream.

Sally from Mount Vernon won the Sonfest tickets today.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe