Today is the anniversary of the Oxford English Dictionary, a 40-year project that started on February 1, 1884. The first version had around 400,000 words, but since then, 200,000 more words have joined the pages of the OED.

So…what is the first word in this dictionary? Aardvark.

  • I was born in Cadiz, Ohio on February 1, 1901
  • I worked as a teenager at Firestone in Akron
  • I fell in love with acting when I was 17 while watching a play
  • I pursued my acting career to Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas
  • MGM signed me in 1930 and I made six films with Jean Harlow
  • I won an Academy Award in 1934 for ‘It Happened One Night’
  • Most people know me as Rhett Butler from ‘Gone With the Wind’
  • I served in the Army and Air Force during World War II
  • I died from cardiac arrest in November, 1960 as my last film was being edited

I am…Clark Gable. Congratulations to Jim from Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and wins the CeCe Winans CD, ‘Believe For It.’

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan