(from The Action Bible: Easter)

Come on in. You’re welcome to join us here in the garden of Gethsemane. Believe it or not, I’m one of the oldest trees in the grove. I’m 750 years old, give or take a decade. But I’m still going…and growing…even though my trunk is all twisted and knobby.

I come from a long line of olive trees. In fact, I’m sure some of my ancestors even grew in the garden of Eden. God made us not only beautiful, but useful too. Our silvery leaves provide shade. Our wood can be used to build chairs or cook meals. Did you know the trees like me even help create the air you breathe? God created us trees for all kinds of amazing purposes. Another unique feature we treat possess is we’re quiet…which makes us really good listeners.

Tonight, a young man was here asking God for help. Of course I listened, not because I’m nosy, but because the man was crying and praying with such urgency. I wanted to help. His friends called him Jesus. He was praying right beneath my branches. Do you know what his friends did? They fell asleep. Even after he’d ask them to pray with him. This must have made him feel completely alone.

Later in the night, another man arrived and greeted Jesus with a kiss on the cheek. Immediately, a noisy group of soldiers showed up and roughly took Jesus away. Those friends who came with Jesus were fully awake then! They scattered like the little creatures that run around the grove at night. I wanted to do something, but the roots that keep me growing also keep me in one place.

I’m sure his friends are praying now wherever they went. You know, 700 years ago when I was just a sapling, I heard another man named Isaiah talk to God in this garden. I think he was praying about Jesus – the very same man here tonight.

God has a plan. And having known God for as long as I have I bet it’s a good one.

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