In Artist News Colton Dixon just releases his new EP titled “Canvas,” which is out now. This EP includes 7 songs like his new single “My Light.” Dixon and Jordan Feliz have announced that they will be going on Tour together. The Love & Light Tour will be hitting U.S cities in the fall, and we will keep you updated on dates and cities.

In more Artist New Elevation Worship is releasing their 15th album on May 19th! This album is titled CAN YOU IMAGINE? This album will include songs like; “Trust In God” and “More Than Able.”

We are giving away tickets to MTV Arts “Our Town!” Be the third caller during both the Morning Thing and the Afternoon Drive. Congrats to Beth from Mount Vernon she was our third caller today during the show!

Today is mine and Jonathon’s last show together this school year. Thank you so much for tuning in to us this year we really appreciate everything! Don’t forget to tune it with Joe and Dylan tomorrow for Who Knew Wednesday.

Thank you for listening!

-Emma and Jonathon