camp same power

I hope you’re praising into the new year.  Today we played some songs that remind us of the incredible love and power of God.  ‘Let it Be Love’ by Family Force 5, ‘Same Power’ by Jeremy Camp, ‘Noel’ from Lauren Daigle, ‘You Are Loved’ by Stars Go Dim…and many more.

We also talked about the power behind finding solitude as you start this new year.  Alone time with just you and God. No smartphone, no agenda, just a time for you to be quiet and hear his still, small voice.  Think about how counter-cultural that is in 2016 – yet, it is sometimes EXACTLY what we need!

Today we gave away Winter Jam 2016 passes and we’ll have more tomorrow on The Morning Thing and right here.

Today’s Word of the Day was TERPSICHOREAN (terp-sih-KORE-ee-un), which is an adjective meaning something pertaining to dancing.

Thanks for listening!