tasty-tom-turkey-hunt-2016-01Some internet issues brought yesterday’s blog crashing down, so we’ll get two days worth in today…

Remember that the Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt continues through Friday morning, when we draw FIVE winners of a 14-16 pound turkey from Smithhisler Meats. Listen for that turkey gobble and be the fifth caller to get registered!

We got a winner for our Name That Tune stumper from last week – Josiah correctly guessed that our song was “Stay Strong” by Newsboys.  Also Krissta from Mount Vernon was our winner in Song Poetry, guessing Natalie Grant’s “King of the World.”

Our Monday Word of the Day was hoke, a verb meaning to give a contrived, falsely impressive, or hokey quality to something — usually used with up, like “hoke it up.”
Today’s Word was manna, a noun meaning: any sudden or unexpected help, advantage, or aid to success, also the food from heaven provided to the Israelites in Exodus.

Thanks for listening!