lilly-razorGood Afternoon!
Today was the first show of 2017, and it was a great one!

Professor Rinehart talked today about how important prayer is, and how prayer should be your first priority. His advice was to keep prayer at the forefront of your mind this year. We serve a God that cares deeply about us, so don’t think that your prayers are falling on deaf ears, God hears every prayer and He will answer them according to His will and in His time.
Psalm 17:6 says
“I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.”

New Years was this weekend, and you know what that means? Resolutions!
My New Years resolutions were to stop drinking so much soda and start drinking more water. I know soda is bad for me, so I’d really like to cut back a little. I also want to get my drivers license this year. I don’t like driving all that much, but I need to get my license so my parents don’t have to drive me everywhere. Professor Rinehart said that his resolution was just to keep prayer as a first priority, which is a great resolution.

It was Mystery Monday today! Professor hid the item today and I had to guess  what it was. and the item was a razor!
We learned that it was not a writing utensil, and it also was not a typical office supply.
I said that it was small, light, and it didn’t make any distinguishable sound when I shook the box. When i did the smell test, it didn’t really smell like anything! Whoops. I asked if Professor brought it from home or if it was from the station or if it was something he brought from home. He told me it was from home. I also asked if it was an item you’d find in a kitchen, and he also said no. The touch test let me know that it was a razor! Thanks to Professor for putting the protective cover over it for me! We found out that it was an item that you would find in a bathroom, and also, that this item is normally used in tandem with something else (shaving cream in this case). Congratulations to Ben of Mt. Vernon who called in and got the answer right! He received a $10 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Our word of the day today was yeasayer. We’ve all heard of naysayer before, but a yeysayer is a person with an optimistic and confident outlook, a person who habitually agrees with or is submissive to others.

I hope you had a wonderful New Year weekend! Leave us a comment and tell us what your New Year’s resolutions are! Have a great evening and God bless!