God IS on the move – that’s not up for debate!  It’s a truth we can rest in.  What we have to realize is that God will move despite us…so it’s a theme that reminds us not to get in the way or clog up what He is doing.

BUT…even though we know He moves despite us, we still should ask Him to move – our prayers and requests should be asking the Holy Spirit to move in and around us.

How do we get in the way?

One way is that we fail to embrace to fruits of the spirit – the very things we ask for that we fail to do ourselves.

Do we love well?                                                         Or get bogged down in hate?

Do we choose joy?                                                      Or choose grumpy?

Do we promote peace?                                              Or spread and promote conflict?

Do we demonstrate patience?                                  Or fly off the handle?

Do we offer kindness?                                               Or are we offering indifference?

Do we seek goodness?                                                Or seeking the negative and critical?

Do we ground ourselves in faith?                            Or trust our own understanding?

Do we embrace gentleness?                                       Or are we rough around the edges?

Do we embody self-control?                                       Or is it anything goes?

What about things like forgiveness? Think about this: if God forgave you like you forgive others, where would you be?

Is it more about Him?  Or more about us?

These are challenges for us to consider moving forward…

Thanks for listening!
-Joe and Todd