Today we shared news about the ‘woodsy’ video for Hannah Kerr’s new song, “Split the Sea.”  Read the story and see the video here from CCM Magazine.

Francesca M. Healy

Spirit come, tear down the walls,
that only you can, that only you can
Reconcile this heart to yours

The song? “Exhale” by Plumb

Congratulations to Linda from Utica who guessed correctly and wins the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

We also shared the story of Hillsong UNITED joining a new club…confused? Read the story here from

Name That Tune (1)

was…“Grace Got You” by Mercy Me, featuring John Reuben

Congratulations to Scott and Betsy from Mount Vernon who won the Troyer’s certificate!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Todd