Today we featured two main topics for Who Knew Wednesday

The first – details on the summer ‘Stay Safe With Big Blue’ activities here at WNZR. We’ve got a contest through July 3rd and also video visits with some of our summer partners. You can sign up for the contest and watch the videos at the link below.

Find more information by clicking here!

Here are today’s tips from the Who Knew? book:

Toothpaste is a great household helper and it even comes in handy with burns. If you sustained a minor burn, cover it with white non-gel toothpaste to ease the pain and help it heal.

You can also soothe and help heal minor bruises and scrapes by using the inside of a banana peel to gently rub the injury. Treat as fast as possible to reduce bruising.

The ancient Egyptians relied on honey for cuts and burns long before antibiotics were around. Besides offering a soothing protective layer over minor wounds, the honey provides a natural antibiotic. Put a layer of pure honey on before a bandage.

Here’s a trick for splinters. Use vegetable oil! It softens the skin and helps the offending piece of wood slide back out. You can also put a drop of white glue over the splinter, let it dry, and then peel off the dried glue. The splinter will stick to the glue and come right out.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Alyssa