Today for Praise Thursday we shared three uplifting and amazing devotionals. The first one was called Amazing Skill and it is written by Bill Crowder coming from Our Daily Bread. You can read the full devotional by clicking here.

The second one we shared is called Here Be Dragons? by Monica Brands, also coming from Our Daily Bread. Read the full devotional by clicking here.

We also shared about the amazing story of Joseph from the Bible (Genesis). We can learn from his story so many things, including that we may never see life’s shocks coming. But even though Joseph went through so much he never let his defining moment be the experience of his brothers selling him into slavery. Rather he kept his eyes fixed on God and just simply followed His will for his life. In the end, God specializes in redeeming messed-up situations and that is exactly what happened with Joseph and what can happen with anyone’s life.

Thanks for listening!
– Alyssa, Lexie, and Joe