On this very hot Praise Thursday we shared some uplifting devotionals from Our Daily Bread! Our first devotion is called “Failed Again”. In Galatians 3 it’s said that God continually supplies us with His Spirit and works powerfully through us as a free gift—not because we’ve done anything or deserve it. You don’t have to work for His grace—it’s free. To read more click HERE. In our second devotion called “Death Zone” we talked about being humble. If we’ve achieved some success, we may appropriately celebrate the accomplishment and accept congratulations, but we must keep moving. We’re in the death zone. Come down the mountain. Humbly serve others in the valley—asking God to guard your heart and your steps. To read the full devotional click HERE.

Q: What book of the Bible contains the Fruit of the Spirit?

A: Galatians

Congratulations to Stephanie of Mount Vernon for answering that question correctly, she won a $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup!

Thanks for listening

-Kelsi and Alyssa