Today is cliche day, where we either celebrate, or complain about, those overused phrases at home, in the workplace or on the field!

I shared some of the overused business cliches, inspired by this article from TechRepublic.

  1. It’s a win-win situation – If you say this, no one has won anything.
  2. Think outside the box – This uncreative saying means you’re already stuck inside said box.
  3. In today’s world – It means now. Say now.
  4. Push the envelope – There is no special envelope to push. I swear

What about sports cliches?

  1. He just caught a body – this happens when a player dunks on another player
  2. GOAT – an acronym standing for ‘Greatest of All Time’
  3. A win is a win – you say this when you overcome errors and turnovers to win a game
  4. Next man up – recently been ingrained in society by notably tough coaches, who expect players to come off the bench and perform when someone gets injured
  5. He just took him to school – This happens when an older player makes a play that a younger player hasn’t seen yet.

Since it’s Sandwich Day, we also shared our all-time best sandwiches.

Joe: Redneck Reuben Sandwich from Barnes BBQ Express in Savannah, Georgia…plenty of sliced beef brisket piled high, topped with swiss cheese, cole slaw, and a kickin’, BBQ ranch sauce on grilled Texas toast.

Dylan: Peanut Butter Banana Burger from River City Café in North Myrtle Beach, SC.
Topped with creamy peanut butter, banana, and mayo.

–          I was born today, November 3rd, 1918 in Van Meter, Iowa
–          I played American Legion baseball and started pitching at age 15
–          My catcher in Iowa was Nile Kinnick, who won the 1939 Heisman Trophy
–          I joined the Cleveland Indians at age 17
–          I pitched from 1936 to 1941, then joined the Navy for World War II aboard the USS Alabama
–          I resumed my career from 1945 and played 10 more years, winning 266 games with 44 shutouts
–          I was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962

I am, Bob Feller – congratulations to Julia from Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and wins the $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan