Today’s a wide range of WHO KNEWS…January 12th give us a chance to recognize:


Fiery red hair, pale skin, and eyes of blue or green. Kiss a Ginger Day gives us all the opportunity to show our love for redheads!

Did you know that only around two percent of the population have naturally red hair? A lot of people associated red hair with Ireland. However, there are archaeological discoveries and ancient accounts that have indicated that red hair existed in Asia and Greece.

Did you also know that redheads don’t go gray? This is because red hair holds its pigment for longer than other color shades. Therefore, when it does fade, it does not go dull or gray. Instead, it will become an incredible silvery-white color.


National Pharmacist Day asks us to take a moment to think about and thank of all those important people who work as pharmacists. These are people whose job it is to mostly see people when they are sick with a cold or cough, need a refill on that asthma inhaler, or perhaps when someone has run out of toothpaste.

In any case, these helpful folks are able to assist people all over the world to feel better, even though they mostly only see them at their worst.

Today, pharmacists aren’t responsible for actually making the pills and potions, but for storing them, fulfilling them with correct dosage, offering advice to patients, watching for mistakes or drug interactions and other duties that are vital to the health of billions of people all over the world.

–          I was born January 12, 1930 in Ontario, Canada
–          My dad was a National Railway mechanic
–          When I was 18, I was signed to play junior hockey in Toronto
–          I turned pro in 1950 and played my first NHL game that March for the Maple Leafs
–          In 1964 I opened my first donut shop in Hamilton, Ontario
–          I was a seven-time all-star and won four Stanley Cups
–          I died in a car accident in 1974 and my business partner grew the donut shop to over 4,800 locations in 14 countries

I am…TIM HORTON. Congratulations to John from Utica, who guessed correctly and wins the $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan