Today on the show I shared a little bit of history about Ash Wednesday. I also talked about ways the Nazarene Church is helping in Ukraine.

Here is the history behind Ash Wednesday:

Ash Wednesday, the Wednesday six weeks before Easter Sunday – March 2, 2022, – is a Christian holy day of fasting, sacrifice, and prayer. Followers of Jesus, of several sects and denominations, often forgo a regular meal schedule, instead eating only one normal-sized meal and two very small ones over the course of a given 24-hour period, especially on Good Friday.

The custom of ashes on the head is a little more recent, being attributed to Pope Gregory I the Great (circa 540-604 A.D.) who accompanied the ceremonious symbolism with a verse that loosely translates to, “Remember that you come from dust and that to dust you will return.” In the 20th century it became more common for a priest to intone, “Repent, and believe in the Gospel.” The main thrust overall is that when the faithful set aside certain bodily comforts, they may settle into an attitude of penitence, recognizing their past sins and the sacrifice that Jesus made to cleanse them of those sins. The physical expression of the day, administered by priests and pastors, is palm ashes on the head, either sprinkled onto the scalp or smudged in crucifix form onto the forehead.

·      I was born on March 2nd, 1904, in Springfield, Massachusetts
·      I attended Dartmouth College and was a graduate student at Lincoln College where I got my famous name.
·      I left Oxford in 1927 to begin my career as an illustrator and cartoonist for Vanity Fair and Life.
·      I worked in animation and film department for the United States Army during WWII.
·      Some of my famous books include The Lorax (1971), Green Eggs and Ham (1960), and Oh, The Places You’ll Go (1990)
·      I died on September 24th, 1991, in San Diego California at the age of 87.

I am Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel)

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