Alyssa Sidle joined me today for Praise Thursday, as we shared inspiration from Our Daily Bread and from ‘A Word from the Weaver.’

Alyssa shared ‘In God We Put Our Trust,’ from author Regie Keller. Read it by clicking here.

I shared Bob Weaver’s ‘Ever Wonder Why?’

Life does not always turn out the way we would like, and if you are like me, you sometimes find your self asking God, your friends, and anyone else who will listen, “Why?” A wayward child. A spouse who leaves. A job that you worked at faithfully is terminated. A cancer diagnosis. Why, is one of those questions people ask me sometimes, and a lot of times I do not have a good answer because I am wondering the same thing myself. The apostle Paul says in his first letter to the Corinthians (13:12) that “now we only see and know dimly, and in part, but one day we will know fully”. God is always using our past experiences for future opportunities.

The idea of understanding it better sometime in the future does offer some comfort, but most of the time, the best it can do is quell our anxious minds. This is where faith in God’s goodness and care comes into play. The Bible repeatedly speaks of God giving good gifts to His children and of how much He cares for us. If today you are going through an ongoing difficulty whose origin and possible conclusion seem vague at best, just speak to the Lord of your frustration; but end your prayer with a sincere resolve to place it in His capable hands. I am reminded of Lauren Daigle’s song “Trust in You”. My friend, that is what you and I need to do today.

How many sons did Jacob (from Genesis) have?

A: 12

Congratulations to Miles from Bellville, who wins a copy of ‘A Word from the Weaver’ and a WNZR drawstring backpack!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe