Today, we welcomed a brand co-host to the Afternoon Drive, Emma Reuss! She is a junior communications and digital media major from Cincinnati, Ohio. Jonathon and Emma will be hosting the show Tuesdays and Thursdays for the fall semester.

Tuesday, as always, was Artist Newsday, and Emma shared a story about CAIN, the musical trio who all welcomed new babies to the world through Instagram posts all throughout this year! You can find the story HERE.

Also in the news, Mac Powell is hosting a FREE VIP virtual concert experience tomorrow, August 31st, at 7:30pm. You can find more information HERE.

Finally, congratulations to Leanna Crawford for her engagement to former-NBA player Cody Zeller! She also announced the occasion on Instagram and you can read the whole story HERE.

Today’s Song Poetry Lyrics:

You brought me blessings out of a tragedy
You turned my old song into a symphony

Congratulations to

Thanks for listening!

Jonathon & Emma