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Madcap Living History presents ‘An Evening with the Presidents: The War Years,’ this Saturday at noon and 5:30pm at the Knox Memorial Ballroom. We gave away tickets today thanks to our friend Jim Stoner. Learn more here!

Congratulations to Troy and Deanna, our winners!

Hipsters, you’ve done it. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, vinyl records outsold CDs in 2022 – the first time since 1987. Streaming still accounts for 84% of music revenue, but physical formats have increased lately.

Room-temperature soup? Bad. Room-temperature superconductors? Good! This week, researchers said they’d made a breakthrough toward creating superconductors that don’t need extremely cold temperatures to run. Though it’s still a long way off, practical applications could include cool stuff for phones, energy, and transportation.

Today’s book winner: Tim from Mount Vernon. Congrats!

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