This week I was reading an email newsletter I get twice a week…in this particular post, the author was sharing a story of the intersection of our faith with current world events. He shared that the headlines coming out of the Russian war against Ukraine have led him to think about Romans 12:12.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in affliction, be persistent in prayer.”

Recently, the Ukrainian leader, President Zelenskyy has been visiting allies in Europe, trying to gain support for an assumed counter-offensive against the Russian invaders. The concern is that if those attacks go into Russian territories, the war will spread. Pope Francis has offered to be an intermediary in peace negotiations. This is clearly a pivotal moment of decision-making for the Ukranian leader. So what can we do? I resolved almost 15 months ago, when this war started, to pray specifically for disruption of Russia’s (specifcally Putin’s) plan. I believe that prayer has been answered…but…now, I’m turning my prayers to another specific request – peace. The end of the war. That Russia ends hostilities. That the world steps in and helps Ukraine rebuild.

Author Jeff Poor asks us to pay attention to the progression in this verse, from hope to patience, to persistence to prayer. Prayer is our great resource whenever we are facing the trials of this life. 

Poor writes, “Prayer should be of the highest priority for each follower of Jesus. This is what Jesus modeled for us; he frequently withdrew from the crowds to pray. And we would be better off if we simply persevered in prayer.”

Through devoted and yes, persistent prayer, we connect with Jesus and find hope and joy. Even in the shadow of what may seem to be unsurmountable odds.

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Congratulations to Bonnie from Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and wins the TobyMac CD. ‘Life After Death.’

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